Shamvura Camp offers visitors more than 15km of a pristine river system with a vast adjoining floodplain created by the confluence of Cuito and Okavango rivers. Situated high on a prominent sand dune, fronted by the meandering Okavango River, this location affords the visitor some spectacular vistas of up to 30km over the river into the Angolan floodplains. They also have the added advantage of being surrounded by both climax riverine forest, woodland and extensive floodplains creating a haven for a large diversity of fish, birds and other wildlife.

Shamvura Camp was established in 2001 on an ancient sand dune historically used with limited success for Mahango cultivation. All the infrastructure and woodland regrowth visible today have been developed by the Shamvura team since 1999 when they built up the existing facilities and road system.

The small Shamvura team is committed to providing personalized attention to guests at all times. The facilities offer privacy and cater to small, self-sufficient parties who are interested in a quality experience. We will adapt and customize our services, whenever possible, to suit your needs and include catering on special request for
small groups.

Mark Paxton, the owner of Shamvura, takes a personal interest in guests’ comfort and enjoyment of the area.
A Namibian citizen, Mark is a qualified game ranger and has over 40 years of comprehensive experience and knowledge of environmental issues. He is a well-known naturalist with a wide and varied interest in fauna and flora, with familiarity with the diversity of natural habitats throughout Namibia. He has lived in the Kavango Region for 12 years and has been involved with community development projects and environmental-related
issues for all of that time.

His wife, Charlie, has also been actively involved in community-based craft development in both Kavango and Caprivi Regions involving more than a thousand craft producers. She is currently the craft consultant for ‘Every
River Has Its People’ project which is a trans-boundary community development project involving the Okavango
River Basin.